January 1st, 2022 – 1,193

Today was just plain nice. I got 8 hours of sleep, wrote early, got to spend the day – safely – with friends, and all in all, it was super chilled. HOF is going pretty well so far, and I even got a bit of a lightbulb moment which, is gonna sound dumb to most people I am sure. Basically, I realised that when describing a character, I can do a bit of description of the notable things about them when first seen, and then after a bit of text to break it up, have a character take a more detailed look. I’ve read that exact way of doing things countless times, but I only really became aware-aware of how much better it sounds today. So either I’m dumb, or hey maybe that’s a useful insight. Probably the former but if I can’t be vulnerable here where can I be right?

Never expected NYD to be a good day but here we are, and I can say hand on heart 2022 is going great so far. Granted, when my most recent year is 2021 where I was packing most of this time, and moving on the 3rd if memory serves, then it doesn’t take a whole lot to beat it. I also have to remember that January 1st 2020 was a good day for being quiet and chill, and the 3rd was the day I even started to bullet journal. Gotta stay vigilant, as you never know what the world will throw at you.