December 31st, 2021 – 1,192

Well, I am ending this year in a way symbolic of how I lived it: sleep-deprived, on my own, and just clinging to my writing as a way to feel some semblance of hope. It is 15:28 as I write this line so, I mean, at least I got an early target at the end. I also decided that no, I am done with HOR, it’s enough for now. It has an ending, and now, I have an opening for Horizon Falls (HOF). And, it’s a great opening. I think it’s one of my best snippets I’ve written in quite some time: sums up the last book, showing not telling, emotive language woven with evocative imagery. I mean it’ll have room to improve, but this feels like a nice solid start.

As for what I’m gonna do tonight, well I will likely stay up to hang out online with people, but as I’ve been awake for the last 25 hours I can’t imagine I’ll be all that lucid. And New Years Day? I will spend a huge chunk of it asleep. I mean, starting off the year with rest? Start as you mean to continue.

I wish I’d slept through 2021…