December 27th, 2021 – 1,188

Bit exhausted after another long day, albeit a quieter one. I wrote quite a while ago, but spent a lot of this evening just doing chores and getting my routines back on track. As for HOR, I wrote 1,350 words, and I’m still not quite done. However I think in the next three days I will be, and I’ll probably do the 31st as a wrap-up day so that 2022 starts off with a brand new book. Helps that it’s easier doing the first page of a new project, and I am going to be sleep derped on the 1st I imagine, even if I am just cooped up at home for it.

Looking through my various books, I think I have a ranking of most close to being ready for prime time to least:

1# – WHT

2# – TFS

3# – TSS

4# – MAL

5# – TBS

6# – TWO

7# – VOL

8# – HOR

9# – TWR

10# – WAN

11# – TUS

It’s a bit sad to rank TUS behind WAN, a book that is at the bottom because I don’t want to release it, but it’s hard to argue in the gutted state I’ve left it in during the last few months of editing that it’s not structurally sound at present. I would say, that the top 5/6 are the ones I wouldn’t mind showing someone, but only really WHT is with an expectation that they would respond “Yeah this is almost there!”. I don’t like New Years resolutions – more than New Years itself but that’s not surprising, I liked Covid more than New Years. Even so, I’m almost tempted to resolve that TUS is top instead of bottom of this list by the end of the year. That’d make me happy. I guess if I remember, I’ll come back and review this list again on the cusp of 2023. Here’s hoping it’s at a far less intense time.