December 24th, 2021 – 1,185

I’m still not ok, but I’m writing this at 13:42 so I’m a heck of a lot better off than I was yesterday, even if only just. Having the motivation of not wanting to sleep through Christmas turns out to be a heck of a motivator. I’m feeling wretched and poorly, and today’s portion of HOR was awful, but it was writing and all writing counts. ‘Awful’ is over stating it but I haven’t been doing my best work of late in general. If you think these posts are rambling you should see some of those later chapters.

I think I’ll play some Stardew. Maybe some games with friends later. I’m honestly not sure. I have some Christmas cards I’m meant to be dropping off but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Funny, as it’s barely a 40 minute round trip, and I could do it with ease if I didn’t feel so bleh. I just hope people don’t mind the cards being late.