December 12th, 2021 – 1,173

Sorry about yesterday’s, odd post. I was a bit out of it and my head was starting to go a little funny. That then progressed to a headache that culminated in waking up today in full-on fear of a migraine. That didn’t happen thank god, but I did end up losing my streak of 10-minute rows every day. I got three minutes in and realised I would either pass out or puke if I kept going. It’s annoying, but then again when I eventually get to visit my partner in America I was already going to lose that chain, so I’m sort of ok with it not being as bullet-proof as 1K.

Flexibility helps ease stress, but man last night was a mess for a host of reasons. Granted they all stemmed from the headache, but my journal entry is, well it’s quite something. You can tell just by looking at the handwriting as it goes on how much pain I was in. But I still wrote it, and 1K of target before that, and even that weird blog post, as well as my bullet journal being updated so I mean, I find it hard to feel bad about it. It’s yet another sign that if the will is there, 1K is always doable, and the will is the one thing I can always count on.

I also finally got around to healing an old wound today. Back in 2019 at the start of the year, before this blog, my finances got badly messed up. I had to cut back on everything, and that included my Patreons. The one I felt worst about is ironically the one who perhaps could stomach my random leaving the most: Kurzgesagt. But I’ve been meaning to join again for years, and now, here I am. Just a $2 one, but for a long time between 2016 and 2018 I was on a higher tier while I could. And yes, I have birb.

Never have spotted them in a video but kept my eyes out. If any of my imaginary readers spot them I’d love to know! He says, while having no means of contact baked into his blog…

…or any readers for that matter.