December 10th, 2021 – 1,171

Well, this week was both wretched, and incredibly productive. Testament I guess to the fact that time off both helps recharge batteries, and also leaves you feeling oh so vulnerable as you worry over what you missed. Well, next Thursday I have a guilt-free chance to switch off and move on, so I am going to take that and wave goodbye to a term that was, a lot harder than I was expecting it to be. At 77K words now, I’m also nearing the point on paper – or Google Doc – where I might be bidding adieu to HOR soon as well. That one however, isn’t as clear cut.

I am in the Dark Night of the Soul of HOR, and it’s coming out quite well I feel, albeit I feel that a lot of my recent first drafts – HOR, TBS and MAL, not to mention TWR – are all coming out a lot worse in their first drafts than say, TFS or TWO. Granted, I am getting better at spotting problems, so I am sure that confidence in those former works is going to evaporate in seconds of opening them back up again and leave a dry, barren desert of prose in the wake, but well, I haven’t yet so let me be delusional a little longer. It’s Christmas.

…Is that offensive? I can’t tell if I’m saying you have to be delusional at Christmas, or just asking people to let me be. I guess it wasn’t offensive until I pointed out how it could be interpreted that way myself. See, this is why I don’t tweet.