December 8th, 2021 – 1,169

Five hours of sleep later and well, I won’t lie, I’m shattered, but I am powering through it hard right now. Getting a lot done at work, which right now is the one thing I care about because I want to not lose my grip this close to the holidays, and my second day in a row with a pre-5pm target, which is testament to how much easier it is to take breaks when I am in the office, and more focused in general. You’d think logically breaks would be easier at home, but I get so paranoid about getting distracted that I don’t take them, then funnily enough I burn out.

So on that note, I am once again putting my foot down and saying I do not want to work from home anymore. I am sick of it, and it’s making me sick to do it. It’s also not as if it’s hard on paper for me to walk in, it’s a mental barrier when working from home warps my perception of convenience. So I am making an effort to change this now. For starters, I am going to force myself to go in even if I don’t get enough sleep. If I did it today feeling like I did then I can do it any day, which gives you some idea how dark things got for me last night. And then, I just need to prioritise lights-out as close to 9pm as I can. Earlier ends up messing with me, and the later I go, the less sleep I get. So 9pm, that’s the goal. I have what, 6 days of work after today? Two this week, four next. This should be doable.

I’m not optimistic.