December 7th, 2021 – 1,168

You know, for the worst week of the year so far – bad enough I subconsciously wrote November 7th at the top of the post – I feel as if there’s a reason to try and have hope. Today was awful, but I got a lot done. If I can keep my head on straight, I can hold onto my sanity until Christmas. After that, I dunno I guess we’ll see. I’m just gonna go to sleep in three and a bit hours and hope I find a little more strength tomorrow. I have to hope it’s going to get better. I did manage to write 1,000 decent-ish words of HOR, even if I just scraped the bare minimum of editing. I know no one actually reads these posts but all the same, I am sorry how depressing the last few have been. Yeah I know I let these be raw and it’s not as if they’re often a barrel of laughs but all the same, I hope I get a bit more pleasant to deal with soon.

Also, I really need to write a happy story after I finish this series. Granted they’re not sad books per se, but they sure are heavy.