November 28th, 2021 – 1,159

Honestly, I slept through most of today. I feel fantastic for it though, perhaps because it’s a full night that, while yes is being followed by a late-night tonight no doubt, is fine as I am off for a week where I can fix that routine. Getting a gargantuan sleep in felt so good, and while yeah I still feel a little rough, I am finding my general willpower and sense of perspective is already on the mend. If that trend keeps up I’ll be ok. Writing aside which is still going smoothly – just not in the mornings where I would like it to be – I am still a mess. But this gives me hope I’ll be better soon.

That’s not to say my writing isn’t a mess, as it kind of still is. There is so much work left to do, and while WHT is getting very close to showtime-ready, there’s no ignoring the other nine finished novels being nowhere near that limelight treatment, including three (TUS, TWR and TBS) needing substantial revisions and/or additions made. Of late, my editing game hasn’t been on fire, and when it has only WHT has benefitted from this. I’m not one for New Years resolutions – September 27th being my New Year and my hatred of the actual New Year, as well as resolutions not working – but if I could try to see 2022 round out not only the series, but these rewrites, that would be amazing. I will not however pivot to any of these three after 27/09/2022 – the date I intend to finish TEL by. I need some space from the STO series, and to work on other large and small projects for a while as my main focus. 27/09/2023 is when I hope to have all 14 novels polished though, so I can’t sleep on it forever.

And this all assumes the world doesn’t end again.