November 27th, 2021 – 1,158

It’s amazing what a difference meeting people in person makes to my mood. Seeing my friends in person after the last few months of me isolating myself again was so important, and I hope a sign I am starting to break out of that hermit mindset. This week off is going to be as much about that I suppose as about rest, albeit the latter is the primary focus; all too easy to accidentally burn out on social contact. I think when I rewrite my novels, that element is one I want to weave more into my stories than I do at present. It kinda is there in TUS, but it should be a constant theme I return to.

Speaking of writing, I am pretty certain that September and October will work out as sub-1,100 average word count per day months, which is sad but at the same time was never a core focus. It’s nice to smash target on enough days to boost the average, but was never an essential part of the project. I do feel however that my lack of keeping my daily word count calendar up to date since August has played a role in my diminished turnout. I guess for those of my imaginary readers looking for tips, keeping a wall calendar word count tally is a good motivator, though one I would advise caution in using if you can get a little obsessive.

Right, imma go pass out. 4 hours of sleep was, not a lot for everything I did today. Not even close to enough…