November 25th, 2021 – 1,156

I am just about holding on. One more day of work, and a few key tasks to polish off, and then I am going to sleep like it was an Olympic sport. It’s going to be my one focus, and I am not going to take no from an answer from myself. I’ve started rereading to 11/22/63 and I’m gonna take a long time to just enjoy that book again and try to let the stress flow out of my body. But today, today was a fantastic day for one reason above any other:

It feels so good to have a physical copy of this version again. I am going to lose so much time in this version, as I did during my childhood. I always used to lose the floppies, which was of course a disaster. Ironically, as a more careful adult, I’ve managed to lose my floppy disk reader. Oops.