November 23rd, 2021 – 1,154

Am I just allergic to sleep? I think I must be. Like, I can understand a four-hour night or a two-hour night, but not sleeping? Twice? Ok not consecutively or I would be in a far more dire state by now, but yeah, I need to cut that out. Super unpleasant. The good news is I think in spite of that, HOR’s quality has gone up in the last few days, and WHT is going well now I’m editing it alongside the beta reader. But all of this pales to what I did today on my lunch break.

The walk helped, as did letting go of some expensive purchases I didn’t need as it turns out. And in return, after months – years even – of bemoaning how much I miss having one, at long last I own my own Nintendo Wii once more. And yes I immediately hacked it to play Day of the Tentacle. The Wii is – no joke – the definitave way to play any adventure point and click that is available on it. Period. And thanks to ScummVM, a lot of them ARE on there. Also Wii Sports, god I missed Wii Sports.