November 22nd, 2021 – 1,153

Whoever heard of having a lousy November 22nd amirite? I’ve been rereading IT and part of me wants to reread 11/22/63 when I’m done, as I do like that book a lot. I’ve also been rereading a few Kennedy books on the side too, getting into the spirit of the occasion? I don’t even know if that’s a thing. I hope that’s not a thing. Who am I kidding, the internet exists, it’s 100% a thing…

You know in the OG plan for WHT I had him meet Kennedy, but it felt too on the nose. I do have him meet two other presidents and get seen by a third, but in the first outline I was going to have him escape a time he was worried about being caught in, land in and admire the renovations (Truman/Kennedy in its prime) and then have JFK catch him. Kennedy was going to recognise him on the spot, and after the initial ‘the heck was in Dr Feelgood’s pills this time…’ vibes they were going to have a chill heart to heart. In the end, I rolled that into the Lincoln encounter because, I mean, Kennedy is an odd focal point. You take assassination and CMC out of the picture and, well, it wasn’t exactly a showstopper presidency. But then, Taft did everything, so at least one Taft had that exact encounter.

I am, still not doing ok.