November 19th, 2021 – 1,150

It’s weird to think that by this time next year, I’ll have finished writing the series. Break Day is gonna remain a special one for me, though in an ironic twist I didn’t take a break today. I kinda worked through the whole day – and might still need to do some weekend pickup – and then went to my dad’s to help with tech issues. Granted I got food provided to me which was nice, and we watched the football, which we lost, again, but hey I mean, Southend were a bit better. They just need to, you know, score goals. My professional opinion.

I’m not in a fantastic place right now, but I’m determined to find one. And I do have an idea for something I can do, albeit it’s not gonna be cheap. One to think on, but I’m hoping I can find something to latch onto, and this is the best idea I got. Basically, I’m debating picking a new site to upload WHT, and commission a professional cover, and see if I get some useful feedback that way. Probably will just be WattPad 2.0 but you know, worth a shot.