November 18th, 2021 – 1,149

1,150 isn’t a round number, so it’s an odd one to celebrate. 1,017 isn’t either – the number of days the blog will have run for tomorrow – but, neither is why the day will be special. November 19th, 2011 is, of course, my ‘Break’ day, the day in The Service to Ore that the multiverse shatters, and was like most other dates in the series, inspired by true events. Now, said events are, less pleasant than a series I’m really proud of but is also a time I can now look back on and say ‘I’ve grown as a person’. That is also valuable, and I am grateful that life has led me to the point it has, and that I am able to do what I can now, thanks in part to the dark places I was in then.

HOR is shaping up well, and WHT too, but today’s biggest writing moment wasn’t 1K, or some editing. It was saying goodbye to an old friend, one I thought once I would have a long and rosy future with. WattPad was a nice idea, and I am glad I chose to embrace it. Long-time imaginary readers will know the excitement I had in joining, and the thrill I got out of competing in the Wattys. As it became more clear that the audience for my work wasn’t the same as the general WattPad one, I ended up not feeling a need for it, and stopped my weekly uploads a long time ago. I left the page up, as a memoriam to what could have been, but it’s been weighing on me for a long time. So, today, I deleted my account. But I’ll be back; not on WattPad, but I will find a home for my stories. It just needs to be a more suitable one.