November 17th, 2021 – 1,148

You know, working from home isn’t so bad anymore. Maybe I am more used to it, or just happier in my home in general. Maybe I found my peace, or the fact the world isn’t as on fire anymore – at least covid wise – but whatever the reason was, I have started to find my home and work productivity reaching parity, and both going up. And therapy is going well, I’m finding the techniques are working and my confidence is growing. I might even ask to start focusing on my confidence, and how to put myself out there more.

HOR is starting to knit together, but I am painfully aware of how bodged the Fun & Games are. I’m about to crest the midpoint – meaning this is gonna be a 100K+ novel easily – and for now, I’m just gonna focus on that, and not on the flaws behind me. If I can do that, maybe I end up with a good 2nd 50%, and a mediocre 2nd 1/4. I could have worded that better. Then again, I could have worded the second 25% of the damn novel better, so, fitting I guess. At least WHT is looking great.