November 14th, 2021 – 1,145

The storm is starting to pass. It feels that way at least. Right now my batteries are at about, I wanna say 30%. In my private journal today I said I was somewhere between 5% and 30%, but now, it’s more firm on the latter. I need a full night’s rest to cement it, which I’m about to turn in for, but touch wood, I have reason to feel a little less on edge here. I just have to hope tomorrow goes smoothly and I get to maintain my queue clearing pace. If I can knuckle down, I should be clear of all my current tasks by the end of the week, and maybe even the bulk of what comes in during too. Gotta stay optimistic.

And on that note, I am starting to feel more optimistic about HOR too. The Fun & Games of this one is a tricky beast that as I’ve said will need a rewrite, but at its core, I think this one is a fun and interesting story with a bit more depth to it than my initial ideas for this trilogy had. Still need to do more in-depth character work alongside to make my cast a bit more three-dimensional, but if I can keep my head above water, here’s hoping that happens naturally.