November 13th, 2021 – 1,144

I had a parcel arrive today that filled me with a joy I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I’ve been in a rut for a good few months it feels, though I’d need to check my journals to be sure because I have a sneaking feeling it’s barely two weeks, but this helped out a lot. The other day I was browsing online about my favourite games, and I saw a release I had no idea existed. I have a rule to try to have spend free days, and I happily voided it on the spot the moment I saw this:

Pre Order Our New Book - 20 Double Fine… | Double Fine Productions

I’ve talked for ages about the idea of doing a list article on my favourite games of all time, but seeing as it doesn’t seem to be happening I can say, including definitive editions, Double Fine have produced four of my top ten favourite games of all time, including of course, Psychonauts 2, joining its predecesor with ease. If you share my love of Double Fine buy this book. The quality of the product itself is to die for and I legitimately sat on my bed when it arrived and read it cover to cover in a 4~ hour marathon. There’s so much to learn in this book, and it brings back so many happy memories. Also makes me wanna play Brutal Legend again because it has been over a decade now – I bought it on release day but my copy and indeed Xbox are somewhere in the great beyond now.

So am I feeling a ton better now? I’m feeling better, but I am at that point – to borrow yesterday’s metaphor – where you try to turn the Switch back on, and you get a few moments response, and then the ‘not quite enough battery yet’ icon. Fortunately, I intend to keep tomorrow as chill as possible too. Maybe play some Psychonauts 2.