November 11th, 2021 – 1,142

Well well today was quite novel, a bad Thursday, boy, that’s never happened before, am I being subtle enough about how sarcastic I am being right now ? *sigh* Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. I got a lot done, I wrote not early, but not super late. I even got a substantial edit done. But I am not ok. I think this is a bit deeper than burnout, and that sucks, because I hate being this squishy. I want to be better than this. It’s not enough to just cling on like this.

‘Not enough’. Hm. That’s a weird thought to have. I’m pretty good at being content, just making the best of things. Oh sure I moan on here a lot but I am a relatively contented person, even if I am more restless on my own, the side of me you see on here from time to time. But discontentment does trickle in, though, more often when things out of my control begin to spiral. Right now, things are stable, just, not me.

I’m gonna go lie down. All I can do.