November 9th, 2021 – 1,140

Today was a better day. 5pm target if only just, but otherwise a smooth sailing day, albeit the reason it ran so late was my energy levels were not playing ball. Like, at all, I was fine when doing emails and normal work tasks, because I can autopilot a lot of that, but as soon as I needed to put some creative thought in during downtime, *tumbleweeds*. What can you do, it be that way sometimes. In a way, a skin-of-my-teeth 16:59 – yes that close – target feels like more of a win anyway, because it was intense and I still pulled it off.

That said, I am going to shower and head to bed right after I finish this because me turning out the lights at 11pm is not enough it seems. I’m not sure why, as I’m doing all the good practice stuff, clean sheets, warming it up before I turn in, avoiding spending time at my screen right before I switch off. Heck on the latter, even when I have to write late I keep screen brightness as low as I can, and make certain that I avoid things like YouTube that sucker you into a content spiral. It’s taking me about 15 minutes now to drop off, a 30 minute improvement, but I seem to be restless.

Stress? Or, is it just that I need to actually book some annual leave. It’s that I need to book annual leave isn’t it? The problem is I need to keep at least ten days of my 22 for volunteering, and I know if I burn the rest then there’ll be a snap General Election and I’ll be kicking myself over it. I mean, there shouldn’t be and I sure as heck wouldn’t be calling one right about now but heck, who knows? Is it just me or do I use barely any of my leave as leave? I guess, I’ll do some maths and decide if I can book a long weekend. I clearly need one: three paragraphs, and I never really talked about writing. Not a great sign.