November 8th, 2021 – 1,139

I felt rough this morning. I woke in time to do the walk into work, but felt such a deep welling of sadness I just couldn’t get up. In the end, I trudged to the Million Desk at 9am, and made the best of things. And as it turns out, the best was a lot better than I expected. I cleared a lot of items in my queue, exercised on my break, ate well, and I hit target before 5pm, breaking a reverse chain of failing to do so that began at the tail end of last week’s journey. I won’t lie, I still feel fragile, but I also feel like tomorrow I will be back in the office, getting just as much done as I did today and feeling that little bit more in control. My goal is still zero WFH days, and while today stands against that on paper, in practice I feel one step closer.

It’s amazing how when you step away from a project long enough, you can pick it up again and wonder ‘the heck was I thinking when I wrote X like this?’ It’s a gratifying experience for me, because it makes me feel as if I’ve grown. I’m getting there. Slowly, but I am.