November 7th, 2021 – 1,138

Today was an odd day. Fell out of my write-by-5pm streak, and I ended up so tired that, to be honest, it’s a miracle I am writing this as soon as I am. Stressed and tired, but still going. Not feeling very confident in my own writing at the moment, or my capabilities to edit and improve my own work. Still, what can you do, I’ll improve if I keep at it. I know why I don’t like my current writing, and I have some idea how to improve it, but I need to do a lot to get there. If I can’t get those changes in place soon though, my general mood is going to suffer for it. Have to get past my shortcomings and feel a win soon.

I could in theory start working on a side project that I keep pure of those defects, but I don’t think it’ll help to overburden myself. I think if I can just keep my head on straight though, there’s no reason I can’t fold it into HOR from here on in. Using the 543241 method both to stay calm, and to try and embed more details into my scenes. No sense getting overwhelmed, just gotta keep using little tools like that, and I’ll find my way.