November 2nd, 2021 – 1,133

Writing this a little late, but for the most part that is only because today was a busy day I wanted to give my focus to. I actually wrote pre-5pm, and while it’s been a full-on morning, afternoon, and evening, they’ve all been good. I did manage to leave my phone at work, so here’s hoping I don’t see it stolen overnight, but that blip aside, no complaints. I also had a thing I ordered months ago finally arrive:

Apologies for the potato quality of the photo, but it arrived at long last, and I love it. Controls on the Switch seem a bit funny but to be honest, who cares? It’s a story-driven game, I don’t need precision. Once I have my phone, I’ll take a better photo showing the shelf I set up for it, including my miniature space shuttle model. I’m happy.