October 30th, 2021 – 1,130

Ok, we are starting to get a handle on things. This last week was, bad, but this next one doesn’t have to be. I’m going to be working tomorrow as planned and hopefully clearing a lot of my backlog that incoming emails during the week have not allowed me to. Is that ideal? Heck no, and I shouldn’t have to, but then I should have a better system of organizing my work, and it’s just taking a while for the new and improved one to settle. Also to be fair, I enjoy doing the kind of tasks I do for work, so it’s not as if I feel hard done by.

My character sheet project draws its first week to a close today, and I gotta say, it has been a resounding success. Is it in the most optimal form right now? It’s not far off. I am thinking of lifting it into Google Sheets to make marking off tasks easier and to automate the XP calculation, but the sheet itself and the goals – which I have tweaked since I posted it here but not by much – are more or less the exact things I want to be working on right now. And I’ve set my 150XP goal as the Animal Crossing DLC. Shame that’s gonna be the last content update for the game but still, there’s a lot in there at least. Brewster being back is the bit I am happiest about.