October 29th, 2021 – 1,129

Things continue to be a bit rough, and I continue to not be back on my feet fully, but today was another small step closer. I’m hoping from Monday I will just be in the office and back to normal, but I also respect that it’s not the first time I’ve declared that intention and then found the routine next to impossible to uphold. But gotta keep trying right? If that’s where I feel more in control it’s where I gotta aim for. At least at home, I’ve only had one post 5pm target this week since Monday, and I’m looking at a relaxed Saturday with a pasta bake to look forward to in the evening. Sunday I’ll be working because my queue is starting to get a bit unwieldy, but I’ll make that enjoyable.

HOR hit 30K words today so that’s neat. I think 90K is about right for this story but could absolutely see it breaching 100K on the first draft. Starting to wonder if when I’ve done the sensory edit on the other stories they’ll all be 100K+. I’m ok with that. Trying to stick below 110K but WHT isn’t looking like I’ll manage that unless there’s a tangent in WHT my beta reader doesn’t like. 31/42 chapters edited with my intention to blitz through once I’ve done this thorough edit and tag all the areas I have not described, to go back and aim for overkill. Easier to cut than add right? Feel like I’m finally starting to figure this storycraft thing out. Probably I am nowhere close, but that’s the joy of the journey.