October 19th, 2021 – 1,119

It’s almost 1pm, but today was in fact an AM target, if only by about 7 minutes. As much as I have made working from home work for me a lot better, and thus nudged target earlier because I actually take the breaks to do it now, it’s much easier to do. I am just so much happier in the office, for any number of reasons. Working through my work queue, in an office with people starting to filter back into a lot more, it honestly feels today like a pre-covid day. Aren’t those so nice? It’s hard to express what a comfort that feeling is.

HOR is looking pretty good, especially as I did today’s edit on all the current chapters, adding some polish if not adding too much extra sensory detail just yet. I may start doing that from tomorrow as a bit of a change from WHT for the short term, to see if that revitalizes my interest in the project again. That I think is the flexibility I need, given I make myself do a thousand words of main story each day. Letting myself jump around like this on editing is a lot easier.