October 18th, 2021 – 1,118

So the good news is I am flying through the rest of the edits to WHT at the moment, which is great as the sooner I get it in front of the beta reader again the better. The bad news, is I am finding I get much lazier about edits the further in I get. Like, yes I am not in the greatest mental space of my life at the moment, and that has to be taken into account, but I am quite sure that I am in general lazier about fixing up the third act of my stories than the first 3/4 of the books. And yes, the second act is twice as long so as weird as that looks it is technically correct. How do I fix this laziness? I think when I’m done, I need to move onto editing something else, not even my own projects maybe, and then return with fresh eyes at about the 30th chapter, and work from there. That’s about where the wheels keep coming off, and I know I can do better.

Other than that, today went well. I have started doing all my work from home at the Million desk, which is a bit of a policy change given I once planned to never let work into this room, let alone right here, but to be honest it’s just nicer to work here. I mean look at it:

Wouldn’t you?