October 17th, 2021 – 1,117

I was up until 5am yesterday, so naturally on 5 hours sleep I found writing early a piece of cake. Why I find writing easier on less sleep I have no idea. I am sure that it’s being aware how wretched little sleep feels, but there has to be a nicer way to do it. On the plus side, today was a lovely day. I had a day out in town with mum, picked up some new shoes as my trainers were, in need of replacement. I was happy to try and make them last a little longer, but I will concede a hole in the bottom is, problematic. And then we went looking for a place to have food which, was a bit of a nightmare, but we ended up at The Rainbow, in Old Town, and yes no one reads this blog but if you are a touch less imaginary than my other readers and are in the local area, support this buisness. They are lovely, the food is great and the outside seating is wonderful. Don’t worry I put that in my actual Google Review too, so it won’t get lost here.

HOR is at present, progressing well-ish. I have a feeling the last couple of chapters are either gonna need to be condensed into one, or more likely expanded into 3 with a lot more worldbuilding. I might just need my beta reader to take a peak at some point, but that will need me to tidy it up first so, still feel like focusing on WHT is the better short term call. Just 10~ chapters depending on what I cut/add to go through now, and then one last sweep to make sure I’ve added enough sensory detail and evocation to justify a second review. Things are, going well. It’s, weird to have life start to get back in order again. Nice though. I just hope I sleep.