October 14th, 2021 – 1,114

Another very busy day, and not just at work, but on the flat too. After work finished, I did some major work on cable management and unpacking, and the Million Desk looks elegant AF now. Still need to finish up a few things in the front room, but it’s mostly the smaller room/home office left to do now. That one I’ve left quite sparse, both because it’s better as a home office that way, and in the hypotheticl future where a certain someone might also move in here, it can become their office/art space/whatever takes their fancy. So yeah, it’s been a productive day, even if writing late again became somewhat inevitable.

If I can get back into the office for next week, I think that’ll see me more or less back to, well, kinda pre-covid me again. That’s an unusual thought. Like, yeah it’s gonna take longer before I come to terms with the stuff my therapist and I are uncovering but, I’m feeling more confident about that each passing day. Just gotta take it a day at a time. And that applies to my writing too, which definitely hit a slump of not banking many extra words over September into this month, but I think that is pretty normal for the new academic year weeks. Gotta be nice to myself and take everything as a gradual process.