September 30th, 2021 – 1,100

So an eventful 100 days indeed. I got overhyped about 1K1K, spent the majority of the first third of this getting over that mishap, and then building up to and completing yet another house move. Pretty dramatic all told. Of course, not as dramatic as the last house move, or the two before that which took place at the height of each lockdown with the exception of the second, which narrowly missed 2.0. I am still finishing TBS, so that’ll be ongoing for a little bit longer, but I only started it a short while into the last 100 so I don’t feel too bad there. Also TBS looks to be over 100,000 words long in first draft form so taking a bit longer is no big deal.

Do I feel better than I did 100 days ago? Yes, a ton better. Do I feel better than I did at the start of lockdown? Nope, not even close, and that was already a lull compared to my usual all-cylinders days. I am trying to not judge myself in the last 100 days worth of 1K compared to the first 500 days, and yeah that’s hard to do. Granted, I am actually a lot more productive wordcount wise as well as editing and publicity – if you can count this blog as ‘publicity’ – but even positive comparisons miss the bigger picture. That is, that I changed in lockdown, quite a lot. After my first few sessions of therapy, well, lets just say the word ‘trauma’ was floated, which was not the definition of my experience so much as my reaction to it.

So as another month draws to a close, and as I write my longform journal entry tonight – completing three years of page-a-day entries – I’m not going to be dwelling on how many steps forwards or backwards I took. I’m just going to keep my eyes ahead and keep an open mind, and look forward to the next novel. Stay safe my imaginary readers.