September 29th, 2021 – 1,099

TBS marches onward, but I do at least have my ending, if not the spoons or time to do it all in one sitting. That’s especially true because I’m working off of a Windows 7 notebook that – bless it’s CPU – is not very fast for typing. I might try and convert it to Linux soon just to have it be secure and speedier, as it is a lovely machine.

The flat is looking a lot better. I’m slowly unpacking boxes, and I’ll continue to do so tomorrow once work is done, chipping away until it all looks right. And my desk should hopefully be with me in around two weeks, give or take, so at last I’ll have my Million Desk. Cannot wait.

One last note, I’m now rowing 10 minutes a day and well, so far so good. I guess we’ll see it that one continues to hold up. If I can maintain that pace and eat sensibly, I’ll be at a decent figure in no time. Rebuilding bit by bit.