September 27th, 2021 – 1,097

3Y1K was a good day. It was a special one, because I got myself all moved into the new house, and set up proper. Rowing machine is here, but I won’t be starting that until tomorrow, as I’m going to be doing a more intense workout, but got enough of one today already. TBS not done, but I did write 1,781 words of it today so that’s a plus. I also think while the main story needs a ton of work, I low key nailed the B story, and I’m super happy with how that part of the novel closes off. That’s enough for me to leave this 1.0 version with my head held high.

Man has it really been three years? Yeah on here it’s not quite that yet, that’ll come in 132 days time, but three years to the day since I kicked off this crazy journey that got all these little stories I had bouncing around in my head all these years onto paper. And given where my life is now as a result, I still feel confident in saying it was the greatest decision of my life that dreary September day to just, start writing. Goes to show that a day doesn’t have to be anything special to be the start of the turning point in your life. Things start small. They grow organically into what they best suit being. I guess, I kinda did the same. And yeah, TBS, and all of my novels are ok, they’re not stellar yet. But we all start small right?

Happy 3Y1K. Been a crazy few years. Last year has been, bad, just, bad. But some good. And more important, where so many times I’d have just given in before, when I got overwhelmed or burned out, or I was moving house for the 3rd or 4th time during a global pandemic, I always found the time to sit down, and chip away those words. Here’s to me making something of it one day.