September 26th, 2021 – 1,096

Well I mean, today was like a slow drawn out mental break down but I do low key feel better by now? Hard to explain but if I had to quantify it, this week was so unpleasent and jarring that by the time the dust settled, the relief consumed all of it. I feel legitimately serene right now. Well almost, my head is still killing me and I do have one anxious worry left over. And of course, that worry is tomorrow. where a lot of the big moving things happen. 3Y1K is gonna be a busy day for sure. But I can tell you one thing that won’t happen tomorrow: I won’t finish TBS.

I knew there was a good chance I’d overshoot, and to be clear it’s not a huge deal. But yeah, kinda sad I won’t be moving onto a fresh start there too. Is what it is though. And hey, 3 days off even if they are being spent doing housework tasks are still three days of partial recharge. That makes me feel a bit better, and a little more optimistic about the transition to the next project.