September 21st, 2021 – 1,091

Ok VR is phenominal. My Steam Index arrived today and after work when I finally got to try it out for a bit, it blew me away. Still acclimatising to it a little and it’s a pain to also need to wear glasses – enough I might look into a prescription lens set – the experience was incredible. I played a bit of Beat Saber, a couple of games of Phasmo, and then just also spent some time chilling in the VR lounge space that Steam drops you into by default. This may be one of the greatest experiences I have ever bought into.

If only my writing were so vivid. I was talking with my partner today about writing the first draft and not getting too hung up on if it’s good or not. They like to have a far more polished product after the first sweep than I often care about, and yet I won’t lie, a part of me is sad TBS is going to be left in its current state. I could I suppose go back and edit it now, but I feel that would be a poor use of my time given WHT – the current editing project – is going to release a long time before this book. Even so, I get it, it’s nice to feel that something is in good condition when you move on. But at the same time, I am quite keen to move onto a new project at this point.

Second therapy session today went well. The big takeaways, that I need to stick to, are that I should step away from my desk to eat and to take breaks, and that I shouldn’t starve myself for the rest of the day if I accidentally overindulge at one sitting – it’s better to keep the routine and, while not continuing as if it didn’t happen, then continuing in spite of the blip. I’m hoping those will help keep my energy levels up and my focus a little sharper. Here’s hoping a good night’s sleep helps there too.