September 20th, 2021 – 1,090

It’s just a shame in a way that 3Y1K falls on day 1,097. Like yes I know, I don’t want to big up the day, and I’m not, lordy I will be booking it off but I just need a rest right now. But still the symmetry would have been nice. I am looking on target to finish writing TBS by then, and even have a reasonable idea how the last two chapters are going to play out, even if – I won’t lie – huge crucial chunks are still missing. I gotta say it’s probably not going to be the ending in the finished book, but it’ll be an ending. That’s important to have, because you can’t start to improve a thing until you have objective content to compare it to.

I just hope I get to bed sooner tomorrow. All these post-11pm days, while caused by ill health, are sure not helping me overcome said ill health.