September 16th, 2021 – 1,086

Hey guess what went wrong today? Well it’s a Thursday so if you answered ‘everything’ that’s a fair guess. It wasn’t quite everything, but I can some up why today wasn’t great with one word: Tuesday. Yeah, it happened again. I have no idea what’s causing it, but I am feeling about as unwell as I ever have outisde of migraines, and to be honest, I am not ruling out one of those thundering into my brain sometime soon. I am, not feeling great. And writing? Well I’m writing which is good – I always do – but man if me being in pain doesn’t half put a dampener on my ability to do so well.

I have decided to take the plunge on VR. Not a split second decision by any means, I was planning VR when I chose the PC build that became Valkrie, but the difference is that is now ordered and on its way. I went for a refurb Steam Index and also bought two Vive controllers to go with it, so I could use those in games that they’d work better for. I’m quite excited, for Phasmo and Psychonauts mostly, but also virtual cinemas and VR hangouts, and of course Beat Saber. It’s gonna be fun. The latter I am also hoping to make into a cardio workout to do alongside my steps and rowing each day, and I guess whatever else takes my fancy in operation: lose this gut already. One upside of being ill, in three days I lost two kilos. I’m, not sure that’s a good thing.