September 15th, 2021 – 1,085

A much better day today. Yes this is a late post, but I got some good writing done, I got some housework done as I worked from home, just in case I was ill again, and I managed to sell my dual lands plus a couple other cards. The funds I raised will buy me a decent VR headset and already has bought my new graphics card. So hyped for that, and all the cool games I can now run at maximum settings in my beautiful totally over the top RGB build. I might even do NaNoMineMo at this rate just to experience dem graphics.

I thought I’d miss the duals a lot more than it turns out I do. They were over the top, and hey, I made a 250% return on investment in 4 years, that aint half bad. The cube only needs proxies anyway. It’s, nice to let them go and get a rig that lets me dive into gaming in a way I never really let myself until now. Today is the start of a new chapter. And in that same vein, I also started my therapy today. I’m going to get better, even if it takes a little while. One step at a time.