September 14th, 2021 – 1,084

Today was dreadful. Like, I broke three chess pieces – remember how upset I was when I broke one last year – and that was an afterthought. The highlight on the positive for today I’ll end on, so stay tumed to the end of this very short post for that. The worst part, well that was my gut going NOPE and seeing me flee home so I wouldn’t be ill at work. That was, unpleasent, and then my attempt to order Subway resulted in a 45 minute mess trying to get a refund for an incorrect order. After looking at other reviews, I gotta say: Avoid Eastbourne Subway like the plague.. And no, putting on a mask doesn’t fix the plague of their service. That is, such a forced and bad metaphor.

Speaking of forced and bad metaphors, TBS is still giving me headaches. I do not have third act and now I’m writing the third act, so um, that’s not good. I have no idea if I will figure it out in the next few days or just keep stumbling until the end. I am at least pretty sure that end will come this month. As will my desk, so yay. And guess what came today…

I named her Valkrie