September 12th, 2021 – 1,082

A much better day today than a lot of recent Sundays. In no small part, writing early made that possible. Right now I’m just in a mood to rest and relax ready for work tomorrow, but I did also make time to try out the new PC, which is running as an absolute delight.

I’m resigned to the fact TBS is half stuff I’m really happy with,and half an absolute mess requiring a top to bottom shift. I know what the problems are, but I think the thing holding the book back is my lack of pre-planning specifics, and my low energy when it came to coming up with ideas on the fly. Here’s hoping a rewrite fixes both.

Also BoJack Horseman is now my favourite TV show, taking over from The West Wing. Finished watching it with my partner in the small hours of the morning and man, The View From Halfway Down really does mess you up. We both lamented that we can only dream of writing that well. I hope I can some day.