September 8th, 2021 – 1,078

The days are sure getting longer, which is ironic given that is the literal opposite of what is happening to daylight hours at the moment. Depends I suppose on what you count as a day. 1K rules say it ends when I switch off for the day, and by that, they’ve been long. I’m not sleeping great, and I don’t like the affect it’s having on me. Anxiety over moving home again – 4th time this pandemic – and just wanting to do a good job at work is getting, tough. I should go see a therapist, but all I can do is wait until I get offered an appointment. I hope that’s soon.

Books are going great though. TBS is starting to take good form, and WHT is starting to read like a well written novel. Granted I still have blind spots, but I can be my worst critic. I guess we’ll see what the beta readers say on the second pass. For now, I need to take a first pass at passing out. Wish me luck.