September 7th, 2021 – 1,077

Ok the editor is still looking wrong but yesterday the post came out looking ok. It vanished overnight and I had to republish it from drafts just now, so um, editor continues to be buggy, but whatever, not a big deal. As for today, well, just as weird. I did a bunch of important things, most important among them going to a flat viewing which I’m hoping some good will come of in time. So for now I just continue to plod on and wait. And hope. And pray. I could really do with some stability right now.

TBS is starting to take better form, and I am glad that as of yet, I’ve managed to avoid too much cliche. I avoided a big trope I dislike a lot today which I am happy about, though the scene it appears in – or rather, doesn’t – is going to need a lot of polish and elbow grease. Still, it’s nice to turn out something a little different, even if it’s not exactly good yet.