September 5th, 2021 – 1,075

This was a weird weekend. Everything was stable, and then it wasn’t. I made the best of it, and ended up, sort of stable? These posts have been hella short, and this one likely wont be a ton better, but in a nice turn of events, I feel I’ve been getting more in the groove I want to with TBS. It’s still a disjointed mess through the whole second act, but it’s my disjointed mess, and that sense of owning it now is making a lot of difference. All the same, it’s gonna need a lot of work.

In terms of editing, I’m finding I average a substantial chapter edit just over once every two days, which is a great rate to be working at. I’m keen not to codify that in the same way as I have with ‘main story content every day’, because I value flexibility, but I don’t feel it is out of the question that as soon as the start of 2022, I could be doing a chapter of meaningful edits each day. Would certainly speed up the process, and make it so I can launch WHT sooner. With the recent shifts in my life right now it’s kind of unlikely that I’ll be making any real push to put the book out there in the short term, but I mean, shrug?

I’m going to be working from home a lot more now, which is, annoying, but what can you do? Have to be on hand for flat related things with the new change in arrangements I have in my life. But hey, at least it makes writing this late a tiny bit less of an issue.