September 1st, 2021 – 1,071

And so we enter one of the strangest months of the year for me. September is a busy time for the college, and in turn for myself, and also the month that my personal New Years sits in. As I loathe actual New Years Eve/Day, my one sits on September 27th, and it’s a nice way to celebrate the end of an intense month, take stock for the three months leading into Christmas, and most of all to appreciate how much things have changed in my writing in the last year. While the change from 2Y1K to 3Y1K isn’t as monumental as from 0-1 or 1-2, I have a lot to reflect on, process, and be thankful for in that time. After all, while my writing didn’t change a whole lot, my personal life changed in some seizmic ways.

I’m writing this post today using one of the more major physical changes in my life of late. I’m currently working out the costs of building a new computer for home, an 80% new build, using the borrowed graphics card I have at present until I can save for a 3080ti. Yes that’s a beast of a card for someone whose favourite games would run on a potato, but I want to future proof myself and to be blunt, I want something that will run close to any darn game I want. A Ryzen 5700G and 32GB of DDR4 RAM will help there, albeit there may be a time where the latter isn’t enough, a weird thought. More important, it’s going to be bright pink and full of RGB, because screw it I want it to be fun. But one of the final pieces is the first to arrive, and it is a beast.

I’ve always thought ultrawide monitors looked neat. The idea appealed a lot just for a bigger screen for a long time, though I since found that as much as I love my TV, I prefer an actual monitor at a desk. However after seeing how GORGEOUS Stardew Valley looks in ultrawide, I had a hankering for that sleek 21:9 aspect ratio. And, as of today, and thanks to a generous present from my wonderful xirlfriend, that is exactly what I am writing this post on. And, may I say…