August 26th, 2021 – 1,065

Psychonauts 2 is out of this world. I will try and reserve judgement until I finish it, but it provisionally has taken the number 3 slot in my favourite games, and might even dethrone the number 2 slot. On my list where I group series together, it may put Psychonauts in a dead tie with Monkey Island, which should tell you just how fantastic the game is. I can see myself replaying this one hundreds of times, and the Psychonauts HQ is just really nice to walk around in.

I worked on both WHT and TBS this morning between work tasks, and I’m starting to get a better grip on both stories. I even banked an additional 300 words of TBS on top of target, so today has been a good day. Granted it’s only 1pm so there’s still a fair amount of the day to work through. That I’m feeling stable on a Thursday is such a good sign, and I hope that means I am getting close to being stable in general. I’m sitting in an office, with people all around me, visitors coming and going, and a grey sky outside. It’s just a normal August day, and it’s hard to put into words how good that feels.