August 19th, 2021 – 1,058

I did say Thursday was the big test. I can’t remember if I said that here or in my journal because my brain is incredibly sluggish today, but I sure said it, somewhere. Amazingly I am writing this relatively early in the day, even if in the afternoon this time. I hit target at 12:24 so not the earliest so far, but it would have been an AM target outside of enrollment. As it is, I don’t feel my best, but I do feel normal enough that I managed to turn today into a good Thursday. That is a fantastic sign. The only real concern I have is how bleugh I felt waking up from a full night’s sleep, but again, it’s Thursday, that’s normal.

I’ve reached a new action sequence for TBS today, which is hopefully going to become the midpoint in time. There is so much bloat to cut before this point, and I am seriously hoping that I can salvage the bulk of it in some form and rewrite it to make it more engaging. The events themselves are cool, I just think they don’t all warrant their own chapters, instead likely condensing about 5-6 chapters into 2-3. That will still need me to come up with another 2-4 new scenes to replace those cut. Ayyy I can do basic maths! Too bad I can’t do basic English right? At least in WHT, I did my thorough edit today and found that the chapter I was looking at was about 95% there already. I think I just got better at writing as I wrote this one. Here’s hoping for less and less work to do as I go.