August 18th, 2021 – 1,057

Positive trend continues, nice early and substantial targets. I even managed that on about 6 hours sleep which is impressive all told, and in-between a lot of tasks as I am assisting with the student enrollment at the college still for the rest of the week. Also I gutta say, even if it makes me look like a germaphobe, I think I’m going to keep a table bottle of hand sanitizer on my desks from now on, as I realised today, particularly as my hands are stinging a bit from the fatigue, that the gen is really good at making my skin feel nicer. Honestly I also like the smell, which you know, helps when you’ve had to apply the stuff around the clock for the better part of a year and a half.

I think that the fun and games is going to run up until the end of the 21st chapter of TBS, which for reference is in two chapters time from the current one, and about 4,600~ words from the current point. If I left all as is, that would finish with TBS being 104,000 words long, so I can easily see 5,000 words of content from the novel as it is presently getting cut in due course. It will not be missed, as there is a ton of bloat I am not attached to. I write in too much downtime for my characters in between the interesting scenes, and too much digesting away from the action, where I need to do more of that off camera and during the interesting scenes, ideally in dialogue form or as brief asides.

Hey at least I know why my writing sucks. It’s good to be self aware.