August 17th, 2021 – 1,056

Ok that’s a significant improvement. I’m writing this at 11:20am because it’s a busy day, but I managed to hit target at 10am exactly. That is a very good sign, but I am cautious because I know full well it’s only Tuesday. In reality, it’s a good Thursday I’ll want to see before I have cause for optimism, and a Friday to follow it up ideally. And, not to rain on my own parade more than I already have, a good weekend isn’t a given even if I manage all of that. I have to say though, even for all that, I’m cautious, but cautiously optimistic too. This might not be a guaranteed recovery, but this is what one would need to look like.

I hit 46,000 words with TBS today, so sort of the midpoint. I have a better idea of what I would like the actual midpoint to be, and at this pitstop I can say three things:

  • I need to cut a lot of the Fun and Games.
  • I need to write more exciting things into the Fun and Games.
  • The last two weeks of writing are borderline a write-off.

That’s fine. No really, 1K isn’t about getting it right the first time, it’s about getting something written, because it’s always easier to fix than to create from scratch, even if said fixing involves writing entirely new scenes. Granted I’ve not had much luck so far with Unreachable on that, but on WHT I have made great progress and the novel is so much better for it. Again, cautious optimism. At least on this score, I have as long as I need to to get it right.