August 15th, 2021 – 1,054

Today wasn’t as rosy. Really it wasn’t a bad day, and I got all my writing tasks done at a decent time. I even managed to row in the morning for once, which I haven’t been so good at for a long time. But some unfortunate timing issues cost me my evening plans after I had to turn down someone’s offer for evening plans, so it ended up quite a lonely note to end on. I am finding out every day I am far more extroverted than I imagined. Or more, I don’t cope so well when I prepare for a social hit, and nothing comes of it. What can you do.

TBS is still in a muddle, and what I should really is do some plotting planning, but it’s been so hard to keep my mood above water of late that I’m close to bare-minimum mode yet again. It’s infuriating. Again, what can you do. Guess all I can do right now is sleep. Man do I hate sleep.