August 12th, 2021 – 1,051

So not all Thursdays are bad. Granted I’m only half way through this one, but the counterpoint is that I am half way through this one, work is going well, target is done, editing is done, my bathroom door is fixed at long last and on the whole, I feel a lot less run down than I have in over a fortnight. I want to use this new found order to restart a habit I know I’ve not had a handle on for a long while now, so even though I’m working away quite happily without one, I just went to make myself a coffee.

Coffee and I have a weird relationship. I barely if ever touched the stuff before university, but as with most legal drugs I started to rely on it once I was there, in a futile attempt not to lose my mind. When I eventually escaped Sussex I kept the habit, and found that a few cups of coffee were fantastic at getting my creativity flowing. I also realised around this time the type of coffee I liked, namely espresso or black. No thrills, just the flavour of the bean standing alone, easy to make, no excuse for not doing so if I needed one.

When I started my first BuJo on January 3rd of 2020, I had in mind from the beginning I’d like to track my coffee intake. That, along with 1K, my eating and my spending are the core elements of BuJo for me even today. Aside from being able to safely venture back into my past, these trackers are the whole value of the BuJo method for me. My 2020 coffee tracker even neatly highlights a truth I’ve evidenced – in myself at least – multiple times now: whether because of or in parallel, my coffee intake maps to my mental health. If I reguarly drink 2 to 3 a day, I’m in a good place. In May 2020, I drank 3 cups, across the whole month. Guess when the wheels started to come off of 2020?

16 cups seems to be my floor for a bad month most of the time. April 2020, where the cracks began to grow had 16 cups, as did both November and December, when the ankle injury took me out. So how has 2020 faired? Well I just got around to crunching those numbers, and it turns out the hot water machine breaking at work dropped me to just over one cup a day, so not ideal. But July, as in machine working but now post 1K1K July? 14 cups. And I was lucky to break into double digits reviewing that data, because a lot of that came at the end. It was May 2020 levels of bad. Maybe, I have been being a teensy bit too hard on myself of late. It turns out I was in a solid bad place for most of the month.

Well, here’s hoping I’m climbing out of it now.