August 2nd, 2021 – 1,041

I, do, not, like, working, from, home. I, hate, being, ill. BLEH. Ok so the good news is I think I’m on the mend from whatever the heck the second Pfiser jab did to me, and I should be back in on Wednesday. I’d be back in tomorrow, but I have a delivery I have to be at home to recieve. No really, the email confirmation makes it clear they will not hand the package to anyone else, so I have to be there. The good news, is that this package is going to make concerntrating at work a billionfold easier. Yeah, I’ve had noise cancelling headphones on the cheap for a while now, but I just got actual ones. Yes the Sonys, yes the latest ones. I, am, hyped. I, am, also, using, way, too, many, commas.

I think I also had way too much coffee. But then I’m writing a novel about a coffee addict, she is acting as my enabler.